27 February 2024 | Equipment

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear” – top coaches from Outdoor Fitness recommends. Here is a list of gear that will be sure to provide the best protection against the elements, with no excuse on missing a workout! Pro Tip: Always Layer.

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Base Layer made of moisture-wicking material to help keep moisture away from the skin and keep you dry

Go for technical, sweat-wicking fabrics, like antibacterial Smar wool, for your base layer. (Cotton is rotten), since it holds moisture next to your skin like a cold sponge)

Mid Layer designed of fleece or another warmer material to help keep you warm throughout your workout.  Designed with fleece or other warmer material.

Outer Layer which blocks cold and rain and helps keep you warm and dry regardless of the weather, water and windproof is best for this layer.

Sun :

As the temperature warms up, you may find that you don’t want to wear as much clothing during your workouts outside. However, it’s important to consider both sun exposure and chafing. Wearing long-sleeve moisture-wicking fabrics can help keep you cool and comfortable while protecting you from the sun. While wearing shorts and tanks, remember anti-chafe balm can help prevent chafing at your thighs, arms, and anywhere else skin rubs together. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Cold :

Keep your extremities warm! It’s important to keep your hands, feet and head warm since they’ll be the first ones to lose heat. Even during not-so-cold temperatures, your fingers and toes may get cold. We recommend warm, snug-fitting gloves and sweat-wicking socks to keep your hands and feet warm. **Pro Tip: layer up your gloves and socks!!

Wind :

That means layering a base layer next to the skin, a warm mid layer if needed, and then an outer windproof jacket. The windproof jacket will stop the wind getting through and making you cold. Wear a windproof jacket and then put the waterproof over the top for extra protection.

Rain :

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Wearing the right layers for an outdoor workout can make all the difference. And be sure to check windchill, too.