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For those who love small-group training, fresh air and nature, becoming an Outdoor Fitness coach is just what you’re looking for! Join theOutdoor Fitness Family and drive positive change in the lives of people around you. Whether you want to teach a few sessions or be the star trainer of a franchise, and regardless of previous experience, we certainly have an opportunity for you!


At Outdoor Fitness, we understand how life is made up of many commitments.  That is why our coaches enjoy the freedom of a flexible schedule.  As contractors, your working hours can be tailored to accommodate your personal and professional needs.  Whether you prefer early morning sessions to help early risers get the day started, or evening sessions for those who want to unwind after work, our structure allows coaches to find the perfect balance between a passion for fitness and daily life.

Whether you’re a novice trainer, a student, or someone transitioning careers, The Outdoor Fitness training coaches program is tailored for you. Develop your expertise in group fitness through our specialized Coaches training course, an educational program focusing on both group and private training.

Being a part of the Outdoor Fitness team as a trainer, gives you the opportunity to become self-employed, which opens the door to priceless flexibility. Embrace this path as the master of your own schedule. This will allow you to shape your daily agenda to fit your personal preferences and commitments. Discover how Outdoor Fitness can bring a new dimension of independence to your outdoor training career.

As an Outdoor Fitness coach your workday is an exciting adventure.  Lead your members through invigorating workout sessions against the backdrop of natural landscapes.  The close connection to the outdoors provides invaluable mental and emotional advantages, benefiting both you as a coach and the participants you guide.

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